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I had the amazing honor to be photographed yesterday by one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met, Gerardo Vizmanos. He completed the Photoglobal program at the SVA in New York in 2013 and his career has skryrocketed from there. I met him at a poetry reading at Penn and Fletcher featuring the work of [...]

Cartier and the French spirit

Back in 2001, right aftert the 9/11 attack here in New York, I was working on the design of a temporary store for Cartier in SoHo. Our last design presentation was early september and the store was scheduled to open october 30th. The store was in construction when the attacks happened and we had a [...]

Beautiful composition

Every now and then I look back at projects in which we excelled not only in the interior design but in the overall composition of the photo. This one, by Antoine Bootz and styled by Steven Wine, fully represents the elegance of the room. A symetrical arrangement with a pair of whimsical lampshades by ABYU [...]

Scooter La Forge, #HowToCreateAMonsterpiece

How to Create a Monsterpiece is the latest show by the very talented artist Scooter La Forge. Here you see Steven and I at the gallery opening wearing some of his creations. Scooter and over 20 of his closest artist friends already collaborated with us on a spectacular ephimeral mural at the Renaissance Times Square [...]

Too feminine?

Ever since we finished this gorgeous home in Venice Beach, we have been trying to publish it and the comment that always comes back to us is that it’s too feminine. And mind you, this comment has come from female AND male editors. I will never understand the use of the word feminine or gay [...]