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We’re proud to show a preview shot of our latest design collaboaration with Furnished Quarters, a Residential Hotel at 70 Pine. Ample rooms with full kitchens and plenty of storage for short hotel stay. Where else in NY can you get this?

Cartier and the French spirit

Back in 2001, right aftert the 9/11 attack here in New York, I was working on the design of a temporary store for Cartier in SoHo. Our last design presentation was early september and the store was scheduled to open october 30th. The store was in construction when the attacks happened and we had a meeting with the president of Cartier at the time and his marketing staff to decide if we would open the store or not. Our office, which was at 75 Spring at the time was closed for a week after the incident. Everything was chaos downtown.

But sure enough, Cartier decided to go ahead with their plans and the store opened right on time with an amazing party with the “it” party girls then, hired to be seen wearing their Delice de Cartier new jewelry: Paris and Nikki Hilton, Cloe Sevingy and others. Everyone needed a party and we needed to move on. 

The recent terrorist attack in Paris was horrendous, but like they say in Paris, c’est la vie! Leave it to the French to tough it out and show us what living in a free society is all about.


Beautiful composition

Every now and then I look back at projects in which we excelled not only in the interior design but in the overall composition of the photo. This one, by Antoine Bootz and styled by Steven Wine, fully represents the elegance of the room. A symetrical arrangement with a pair of whimsical lampshades by ABYU Lighting, anchors the frame. And by gently tilting the chair on the right, the image gets  enough movement to convey the essence of the room.

Top 50 designers 2015

Once again we have the honor to be included in New York Spaces’ this year’s list of top 50 designers. And along in the same publication don’t miss on page 108 to 115 of their october-december issue,  our interiors for the model rooms at the new Portzamparc’s tower rental apartments. Thanks!