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  When the view is so architectural, there is no need for the funiture to stand out. It should be background.

bathroom mirrors

When dealing with mirrors in bathrooms, there are many solutions. Here are three for the same apartment.  1. The mirror turning the corner is a great Powder Room solution because it expands the room and it allows you to see the side and maybe the back of your head, for some of you with hair [...]

fireplace mantle decoration

  Keeping things simple is always the best, however, you can still be really dramatic. In this model interpretation of “Regency” style, Michael Reynolds and I decided to simply place one clear glass cylinder on the fireplac mantle with as many eucaliptus branches as we can put in. The resutl is amazing! Photo: Thibault Jensen

#rossbleckner painting

  Just to stay current, now that Alec Baldwin has a feud regarding a Ross Bleckner painting, I went back to look at this living room that we did years ago to see the famous painting. I wonder if it was my client the one that didn’t want to sell it!    I still like [...]

Grand Hotel Quellenhof eye opening experience

                                      In almost 30 years in the interior design business, we’ve never done a design competition. Against my better judgement, I decided to accept a competition invitation last year to renovate the guestrooms and reception of the [...]