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Let’s talk industrial design

“I think of industrial design as being the supporting [design] cast of life: products that enhance our daily experiences, delight our senses, and reflect who we are – as well as what we aspire to be.” – CJ Dellatore Benjamin talks industrial design with CJ Dellatore and seven other industry designers. Read Full Article 

Outstanding Dresser

Benjamin has been noticed by a few fashion insiders lately. From Bill Cunningham at the New York Times to Isaac Harris from Breaking Fad. We thought we share the findings with you: New York Times Breaking Fad  New York Social Diary  Guest of a Guest 

20 years later

After 20 years from publishing my first project, Elle Decor remembers those days! Thanks for the mention! And thanks to Elizabeth Sverbeyeff-Byron for believing in me and always trying to get my work back in there. Let’s hope this is an omen of things to come. READ ARTICLE

Lenny Kravitz aparment at 30 Crosby

                                                                                                          For some [...]