20 East End Avenue

2 stories, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms \\ 20 EEA, NYC 2020 \\ Photos: Joe Kramm

BNO designed this city apartment for prominent collectors to house their extensive art collection. Being the fourth project for the family, the design process was as fun and creative as it could be.

After looking for over ten years, they settled on this Robert Stern designed building/apartment on East End Avenue with lots of wall space. The main interior design challenge was to mold and furnish the rooms to house a whimsical and thought-provoking art collection without out-staging it.

A neutral yet exciting background was created for the art. BNO with the help of Brian E. Boyle, AIA, enlisted Peiser Floors to produce a unique silver metallic floor which updates the classic lines on the apartment. BOLD lighting company was commissioned to create magic with carefully illuminating the art collection with barely visible lighting sources. Bathrooms and kitchen were given a glistening atmosphere. And not to compete with the art furniture, BNO designed “background custom furniture pieces” used when needed. Employing the concept of a “garden”, this home gallery allows for art to “grow” into the space.