Hamptons Boathouses

Benjamin Noriega Ortiz \\ Three, three-story townhouses, furniture and styling \\ Hampton Bays, New York \\ Photos courtesy of Rechler Equity by Jessica Nash

During the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, BNOdesign was commissioned to furnish and style these units to present to the residential market. We needed to show how one could live full-time in these beautiful homes when people were trying to desperately leave the city With a simple color palette alluding to living by the ocean, luxurious yet comfortable interiors including home-offices were created for all units. Furniture was mostly ordered from online sources. And to make the styling more realistic and because all stores were closed at the time, BNOdesign and the team used a lot of their personal accessories and books, giving the rooms a quality of “living there”. They were more that model rooms, they were stages to make you feel that you live there.