Venice Beach Residence

8,000 square foot four story house along a canal in Venice, CA for a young single woman \\ Venice, California 2012 \\ Photos: Antoine Bootz

This female client bought a minimalist house designed by one of the best architects in Venice, CA and asked us to design a very feminine interior in order to offset the masculine lines of the house. She was staying in the Mondrian Los Angeles hotel that I had just completed and she loved the way we designed the rooms so she called from her room and asked me to fly to LA that week to meet her. She became one of our most coveted clients, who after living in the house for a year met her now husband and hired us to do their house in Melbourne, Australia. This house marks a phase in our interiors in which fantasy and fashion help in creating a chic environment. The furniture is arranged in a comfortable non-orthogonal way which allows the rooms to “breath”. The tall walls were draped in organza to soften the hard lines of the “box”. The color palette of whites, pinks and greens plays off the grey cement floors and extremely shinny “wet” finish of the walls and ceiling.