Mondrian Scottsdale

194 guest rooms hotel, with a restaurant, 2 bars, 2 pools, spa and gym \\ Scottsdale, AZ 2007 \\ Morgans Hotel Group\\ Photos: MHG, Irvin Serrano

Mondrian Scottsdale is inspired by Durer’s “Adam and Eve” in the Garden of Eden. The former road motel compound is a “ranch” in the desert which “contains” the Garden of Eden (the lobby). The monochromatic “courtyard” is defined by a series of “building facades”; each “facade” with a different meaning. The large arcade mirrored wall reminds of the Grand Hotel in Paris. From these openings you can peak at smaller spaces, all of them meaning to “tempt you” (front desk, concierge, store and Red Bar). All the elements in this garden are pure and “nude color”: a row of naked ladies holding light emphasize the purity of the space. The lamb of Innocence is there as well as the tree of life. Giant skulls as well as studded wall are tributes to the location.

The Red Bar is the temptation bar, Asia de Cuba is the “farm” within the Garden, the Sky Bar is the bar of the “fallen angel” who presides over the black bar. Finally the rooms are black and white which symbolizes the struggle between Good and Evil. One single red delicious apple waits for you in a red box tempting you to go to bed.